Marshall Faulk Retires

One of the greatest running backs of my time has decided to retire as of yesterday. Marshall Faulk has called it quits. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and Emmitt Smith was the most efficient back I have ever seen, churning away 3-4 yards gains with ease before exploding for 20 yards. He did this consistently until the later part of his career when he was playing just to break Walter Payton's record.

Marshall Faulk changed the way teams had to play defense though. Barry Sanders might have been faster and quicker, but not nearly as good a receiver. Emmitt ran with more power, but was not able to make you miss like Marshall. "The Greatest Show on Turf" the 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams were some of the most exciting NFL teams to watch. Marshall Faulk was the engine that made that car run. Lining up at wide receiver, tight end, running back, split back and sometimes even quarterback.

He was a joy to watch on the field and a real gentlemen off the field. He always spoke highly of his teammates and always gave them tons of credit for his individual success. The ultimate football weapon in his day, he will be missed. LaDainian Tomlinson seems to be his heir apparent with his skill set, explosive nature, quick moves, and nose for the endzone. Let's hope Marshall is not soon forgotten for what he brought to the game.

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