Daddy's Home

I'm baaaaaack :)

"Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years...."

After a long hiatus (not of my own choosing, we ran into some family troubles that I will disclose at a later date), I'm back and hopefully better than ever.

To my 3 loyal readers out there :), hope you still love hearing what I have to say and you haven't forgotten about me.

A lot has changed, my little piglet just had her 1st birthday, our finances are a little different, I have some more responsibility at work, and some other small stuff.

This was just to let everyone know I was back, I'm planning on posting at least 3X/week, maybe more, depending on work.

As part of my new outlook on life, I don't want the blog to be simply about finances. That will still be the bulk of the info you will read about, but I'll try to put more of a personal spin on it. I also want to cover some more sports-related topics, raising my little McNugget, trying to plan for a home purchase, wedding, and retirement all at the same time, and I would like to try to monetize the blog somewhat. It's free money so why not. If you guys have any suggestions, or if you don't like something I try I'm always open to suggestions and criticisms.

Thanks for reading

I Love You Baby


  1. Dimples said...

    Welcome back MR!! "Lil McNugget" thats too cute. I have been slacking a little also. Been busy at work and not I have strepthroat. UGH!! Well I am glad that you are back. We can bounce ideas off each and see where we can make some extra loot.


  2. Rad said...

    Well I signed up for CashDuck thanks to you, made $150 so far. Good lookin out girl :) Im planning a post to review cashduck soon. Hope you feel better, I owe you one.  

  3. Moneymonk said...

    little Mcnugget...LOL nice!

    I say first wedding, then house and then retirement. Before any of that get rid of any debt and marry her!!  

  4. Rad said...

    Well I was leaning towards House, Marraige, then retirement...but I think you and the wife are on the same page. Guess the wedding will come first. Only have a couple hundred to pay off, after my wife graduates we'll get started on her student loan. Thanks for the advice Monk. Keep up the good blog.  


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