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Just wanted to share that the Piglet now knows where her toes, knee and hands are. If you say "Toes" she'll point to her toes, "knee" will get you a point to the knee, and "hand will either get you a hand or she'll lift up her shirt and show you her belly :) beeeelllyyyyy yyyyeeeeaaaaaa!!!

In other news:

Madame X over at
My Open Wallet has a great post comparing Dieting to Personal Finances. I am guilty of a lot of these mistakes, but I honestly never saw a correlation between the two until I read this post. Like you, I'm still learning as I go. Think outside the box.

JD at his
Get Rich Slowly spot, talks about trying to help a friend who isn't quite ready to be helped. Reminds me of a really close friend that I have (since high school, that's a long time in Man years). He asked me the other day how I'm able to save so much money. In my eyes,I don't save enough, only because I can't cut any more out of the budget and I'm working on bringing in more income. Now, he makes more than I do, has no children, and pays less rent. "You gotta help me budget" he tells me. He does contribute a healthy amount to his 401K, but he borrows from it regularly, "I'm borrowing from myself, it's my money". I already know of his impulsive spending, we shared many a crazy nights together before my Daddy days. Last week he was telling me how he spent $600 at a "gentleman's club". GOOD LORD!!!! I think twice before I spend $100 on anything, $600 is big money to me. He also has a nice car, beautiful $2000 speaker/DVD system (you know us Spanish folk love us some speakers), and some expensive hobbies. Needless to say once I started telling him what to cut out or at least cut back on (strippers, eating out, clothing, etc.) and how to set up an online savings account, the conversation took a turn to other topics. Some people just aren't ready. There is nothing wrong with having nice things, as long as you get your money right first.

Money Monk shares her frustrations in trying to maintain an emergency fund when "mini-emergencies" keep popping up. I can certainly relate. Keep pushing woman, the promise land is there for the taking.

And oldie but a goodie(the post, not the blogger),
Single Ma has a post explaining how to get yourself ready for that first home purchase. I'm shooting for two years and dammit I'll get there come hell or high water.

And finally,
Dimples explains how she plans to buy the laptop she desperately "needs" :) Get it girl, we all have to treat ourselves to something every now and then.

If you find anything you think I might enjoy, shoot me a comment or an email.

Thanks for reading

I love you baby


  1. Moneymonk said...

    Thanks for the mention:) How old is the little piglet? My daughter is only 1 and some change  

  2. Rad said...

    My little piglet just turned 1 in June, she's going on 13 months now. She thinks shes a big girlnow becauseshe walks and talks and loves going outside. It feels like just yesterday she couldn't even hold her own head up. It flew by so fast  

  3. Moneymonk said... thing you know she will be in kindergarden!!  


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