Hectic Life

I'm still here people. Thanks to all those who were out looking for me (Sistah Ant, Dimples, Etc) :)

It's good to feel wanted :)

Work has just been really hectic. I was given some more responsibilities at work and I've been getting used to having the extra burden on my plate. I normally post during my lunch breaks but I've been busy catching up on stuff during lunch breaks. I may not be able to post everyday day like I would like. But I will be back on board the blog train now that I have a better handle on things. I haven't fallen off the wagon again. I've been saving, spending time with the wife and piglet and hitting the gym as well. As busy as I've been, life just seems more fulfilling when its full of things to do, even if work is part of it.

This will really make that October vacation to Florida seem worth it now boy :)

Its good to be back

Off topic: Who do you guys prefer musically Kanye or 50 cent?

I think Kanye is an actual musician, he takes a lot of chances and actually gets creative with his delivery and his message. 50 had his time to shine (Get Rich or Die Tryin is a great album), but I think his time as a decent rapper are done (he was never a great lyricist); Just like DMX and countless others who started hot and fell hard. You can only glorify "hood life" for so long, it gets harder when your a multi-millionaire he lives in Mike Tyson's old house. Glorifying the ghetto and how profited from it isn't a good platform to stand on anyway. Being from the ghetto and "makin'" it should be something like a badge of honor, you don't make it seem like it was the good life. Talk about your struggle and how you persevered through it, bring some issues to light that you encountered on your quest to get out (Wu-Tang [to a point], KRS-1, Tupac Shakur). If life was so good, why doesn't every rapper live in the projects? I love hip hop and what it stood for when I was growing up, I will probably always listen to rap music, but it has taken a serious turn for the worse in the last few years.

That's my off topic remark for the week :)

Thanks for Reading


  1. Sistah Ant said...

    good to see you back on the mic.

    great to hear that you're back on track!

    and i prefer kanye to 50. 50 bores me - his beats are monotonous, and so is his flow, which is unimaginative. at least with kanye i always feel like i'm hearing the old kiss the new. i haven't bought graduation yet, though - it's not in my spending plan. jill scott will be in my spending plan, though.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    i voted and got my kanye CD at lunch Tuesday. While I was there they were saying 50 was ahead. I'm glad Kanye beat him in the long run.


  3. Moneymonk said...

    Kanye is the man !

    I thought you went MIA on us. Good to see you back !!!!!!!  

  4. Dimples said...

    Kanye all the way. His music has a purpose. I love Kanye music. I can listen to it all day.

    50 is all bout getting money and hoes and etc. That gansta life mess urks me.  

  5. Tired of being broke said...

    Glad to have you back. Had me worried about my fellow Bronxite for a minute.

    On the radio I would listed to Kanye over 50. In terms of buying their cds...none.  

  6. Rad said...

    tired: I didn't know you were in the BX girl :) I'm still here, always in the struggle, you know how it is.

    Seems like everyone is picking Kanye over 50, I have to agree for reasons stated in the post.

    Thanks for all the love and feedback people. You guys are really getting your blog game together, I gotta step it up :)  

  7. watitdu said...

    Hey wazzup I agree on your insight about these rappers who glorify ghetto life like it's what being cool is about. There full of it because I see it as they are using the ghetto to make more money for themselves only and in the process are insulting the community by glorifying other peoples misery rather than help to try to change it. There is nothing cool about worrying about were your next meal is gonna come from and living in very hazardous and substandard living conditions. While they sell out the community with their b.s. stories the people in these situations won't benifit from it. I think it's one thing to address the subject and just bring it to light but it's another thing to glorify the problem and make it seem like it's the flyest shit to do.  


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