Crazy Numbers!!

(This is a guest article by Gary Foss*)

Did you know that 56% of seniors in college carry four or more credit cards? Or that the economic downturn has cost the global economy an estimated $2,500,000,000,000 so far? Or that every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the US Treasury?

Take a look at some of these other crazy & true financial numbers:

  • 25 cents of every dollar is how much the average person between the age of 25 and 34 spends on debt repayment.

  • $28,000 is the average lifetime cost of owning a dog.

  • $45,000 is how much you’ll pay if that dog is a Great Dane.

  • $24,000 is what you’ll pay if you own a Jack Russell Terrier though.

  • 888% profits last year is how much Lahde Capital made after they bet against US sub-prime mortgage assets – one of the definite winners in the credit crunch.

  • $3.50 per gram for marijuana, $50 for cocaine, and $200 for crack cocaine is the amount that Tennessee imposed as a (short lived) tax for the possession of illegal drugs in 2005.

  • $28,000 is how much a decade-old toasted cheese sandwich went for on eBay after it was said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary.

  • $455 is how much someone paid on eBay for water that was apparently left in a cup that Elvis Presley once drank from.

  • 24% is how much more married men tip than single men.

  • $2,000,000,000+ is how much candy is purchased worldwide every Halloween.

  • $7,030 is the yearly income for the average person on earth.

  • $85,100 is how much you earn on average in Switzerland though.

  • $54,689 is how much the average American adult earns if they have a bachelor's degree.

  • $400 is how much the average person living in Burundi makes each year.

If you’re feeling bad about your finances remember that you probably earn more than $400 per year and chances are you haven’t paid $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich.

*About the author: Gary Foss writes for a life insurance resource site.

*Image Credit: Photograph by Stewf [via Flickr Creative Commons]


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