Oliver's Labels Review

On the first day that we took out baby girl to the day care, her "teacher" gently told us that we need to label "everything" that we took for her. That included bottles, binkies, sippy cups, food jars etc. She suggested that I use masking tape and write the name with a permanent marker. Hmmm... OK. But was there a better way? I remembered reading about permanent labels on one of the parenting magazines, so I started searching on Google. I found a million hits, each company offering a great solution for all labeling needs. Not being sure of what to choose, I started looking for reviews. One name seemed to keep popping up - Oliver's Labels.

A quick look at the website revealed labels in several different sizes with a great choice of designs. What caught my attention was their unique FOUND-IT tracking system. I was ready to give it a try. But to my disappointment, the least expensive item I could buy was for $19.99 + $3 shipping. I found a few coupons on the web, but still there was no escaping a charge of around $25. Without even knowing if "permanent labels" were a good solution for me, I was loathe to spend $25. So, I contacted the company and asked if they would send me some samples that I could test drive. If I liked it, I would not only buy some, but also post a review on this site. Otherwise, all bets are off.

Well, you are reading the review.... The labels really did exceed my expectation. They look like regular "stickers". But live up to the claim - even after several runs through the dishwasher, they have not faded, frayed or crumpled. The "mini" labels are very versatile and can be used with pretty much everything - even tiny items like binkies. They do not have the "FOUND-IT" number on them though. The "original" labels are good for larger items like sippy cups but not as versatile as the "minis". I used the "shoe labels" for her bottle case and bag, so I don't know if they are good with shoes. Finally, I have had a chance to use only one of the "stick-eez" cloth labels. I have not run it through the washing machine yet. It has held up well against hand washing, and based on my experience with the labels in general, I expect it to do well in the washing machine as well.

As for buying, I think I will go for the "mini" labels. For $19.99, you get a 100 labels. That should last me for a while :) [PS: I just received a note from the folks at Olivers Labels that the readers of this blog can use the code "Labeleverything" (one word) until June 31st to receive 10% off the entire order. Sweet!]


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  5. Chrissy said...

    They peel off when you run them through the dishwasher. I'm stuck with $60 worth of useless stickers. The ones on tupperware containers stayed on in the dishwasher, but after about a dozen cycles, the ones on the bottles peeled.

    You also cannot use warm or hot water in the washing machine, or they (so I've unfortunately found) will come off the clothes and become stuck in the little holes or sides of the basin.  


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