Carnivals Up

Here are a few of the Carnivals that are up this week:

Carnival of Money Stories #7
Hosted by Wise Bread

Highlights include Clever Dude's post on the mistakes we personal finance bloggers make ever day, Credit Card Lowdown's tips on getting rid of your credit card debt, and Long or Short Capital's post on the idiocy of Robert Kiyosaki. My post on paying down credit card debt was also chosen.

Carnival of Personal Finance #92
Hosted by LazyManandMoney

My favorites were Silicon Valley Blogger's run down of financial stress events, Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary's true cost of owning a home was also very interesting, and My Financial Journey's post on spending a million dollars on their kids was also a good read.

Carnival of Family Life #46
Hosted by Digital Rich Daily

My post on my little princess gong backwards from walking to crawling was chosen. There were lots of greats posts including Play Library's on why cheap toys are not worth the danger, North Star Mental Fitness Blog's writing on the great pacifier struggle that a lot of parents go through, and Lets Talk Babies article on letting go of your child as they reach different milestones.

Happy reading, check out all of these carnivals and let me know what your favorites were.

I love you baby


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