Well just to switch it up the topics a little, it seems as if my little Piglet (the baby's other pet name) is trying to crawl. This is strange only because we thought she would skip that step since she was already grabbing things and pulling herself up and actually standing on her own. She will actually walk with you if you hold her hands and stand behind her, once you let go shes gets an immediate look of panic and terror and slowly lowers herself. Poor thing :(

So yesterday while I was at work, my wife calls and tells me that the baby just crawled( She did it again when I got home, it was more like a forward lunge). I wasn't sure weather to be excited or not. I was looking forward to telling people, "Yea my little girl skipped that whole crawling thing, she went straight to walking, she has things to do". I mean I wasn't disappointed by any means, my little princess could never disappoint daddy. Here is the first picture of her posted on our blog (above). As you can see she is very busy and has no time for pictures or toys, she is trying to get an important client on the phone, probably Enfamil or Gerber.

not sure if this is a common thing or if her fear actually got the best of her and she decided that crawling was a safer method than actually walking around like mommy and daddy. Anyone have any experience with this?

Having a baby (sweetheart i know you HAD the baby and I didn't mean it like that) and being a dad is one of the most magical experiences I have ever gone through. It is amazing how my whole perspective on life has changed since she was born. Our FAMILY is now most important, not just me and my well being or my concerns with money. I am so much more careful with what I do, how I go about doing it, and just more aware in general of what I am associated with. Watching her go from a tiny newborn who was only able to look at me and not really move, to now deciding weather she should walk or crawl to the nearest bottle to get her milk fix. It is truly amazing, I did not think I would be ready but I would not trade this for anything in the world.

Watching my wife have the baby, yes I was there for every step of what became a 19 hour exercise in futility for me, was also an enlightening quest. There was nothing I could do to take the pain away. My wife described it best when she said, "It's like someone telling you that your going to get shot in the arm in 9 months and there is nothing you can do about it, just deal with the pain". lol Watching her go though it all gave me a whole new appreciation for her as a woman, mother, and as a person. I could never do anything to hurt her or disappoint her after what she went through for our child. And just so you know, I would be a child-less celebrate man if men were the ones who were chosen to actually give birth to children :)

One investment comparison (had to do it). Going from walking to crawling is sort of like when I first started investing, having your money in the stock market is better than keeping it in a jar in your room, sort of the way walking is a better means of getting around than crawling is. But once I lost some and got scared and didn't really understand what was going on, I stopped investing, i.e. I was back to crawling due to my fears. Now that I understand more and I am more careful and I look before I leap, I'm investing and walking with the best of 'em. Soon I'll be able to run full speed once I get my legs strong enough lol Alright enough with the metaphors, I guess the piglet will walk when shes damn good and ready, gets her stubbornness from her dad I guess :)

Thanks for listening

I love you Baby


  1. Stephanie said...

    Baby. you are an amazing man. And YES, I DID have the baby...lol.. but you were there for me in a way that no one could have been. I got all of my strength from you and beliee it or not, from the optimism that tends to get on my nerves once in a while! I love you baby and I hope all is well at work! Muahhh!  


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