Just a nice article I found on Yahoo Finance about college savings, here.
I just wrote about the differences between Coverdell IRA (also known as Coverdell ESA) and 529 plans so I figured this would be a good spot for this.

Also check out this article on grocery shopping and its perils. This is always a big topic in our house as we very much love and enjoy cooking and food shopping. We need the fuel to keep up with our super-energetic child who demands the utmost attention even while your cooking :)

Speaking of foods, Parents Magazine had a nice online section for this very topic regarding babies. The link is for babies 7-10 months since our little angel is 9 months old, but you can click on your baby's age range. We never quite now what she is ready for so I figured this might help other parents of super-eaters :)

For all the single parents out there, check out this story for inspiration, and something I just found out from Single Ma. Apparently there is an official National Single-Parents day, here is her post.

And finally, this post is from Jonathan over at MyMoneyBlog.com. This just reinforces why you should always do your research before putting your hard earned money into anything. No matter how official anything sounds, even a newsletter.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.


Baby I love You


  1. Single Ma said...

    Hey Rad

    Thanks for visiting my site and sharing all the link love! I like what you've started over here. The pink through me for a loop, but I get it now. Good father, supportive hubby, loving wife, beautiful baby. Fabulous combination! Love it!

    Wishing you much success on your path to financial freedom!



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