We finally did it, we got our car. I posted earlier about purchasing a 1998 Ford Explorer as our family car, but we could not find a decent one that seemed to be worth buying. Either the mileage was somewhere in 180K range or the truck itself just seemed beat up and used more than a wet-nap at buffalo wing eating contest. So we found a 1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi for $2,900 and we talked the guy down to $2,700.

The Dodge Intrepid provided us with the trunk space that we needed (for baby stuff, groceries, luggage) and the interior room we preferred. The Chrysler Concorde is basically the family version of the Intrepid, not as sporty but the chassis and engines are the same. Different outfit, same car. All of the extra stuff that came with the LXi car trim, leather interior, sunroof, CD player, was just that...extra. I didn't need or want it, but it came with the car so I'm takin' it.

The car has a little over 100K miles, leather, sunroof, massive interior space, and a cavernous trunk. I mean this trunk can hold a stroller, car seat, 5 bags of groceries and in the unfortunate event that one of your homeboys gets kicked out by his lady he can squeeze in too :) The interior is big enough for 3 grown people to sit in the back with the car seat, and the wife and I have all kinds of room in the front.

I test drove it, felt great; got the CarFax report, all clean; good review on Edmunds and Consumer Reports (it has the 3.2 engine which is supposed to be great), and I'm working on the insurance today, I pick it up tomorrow. I'm a first time insurer, so I'll have to look around to see who gives me the best deal. Any thoughts??

Phase II of the road to independence is complete (Phase I was getting our own place, Phase III would be the house). Now we don't have to ask for rides anywhere or borrow anyone's car, we can work around our own schedule. WWOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Thanks to everyone who listened while I bitched about not having a car, muchos gracias to all of you :) I've never had a sunroof so I'm looking forward to crackin' it open on those beautiful summer days. MEDIUM PIMPIN' BABY!

Thanks for reading

I love you baby


  1. Sistah Ant said...

    CONGRATULATIONS! Medium pimping is better than walking - I'm happy for you guys.  

  2. Rad said...

    Damn skippy it's better than walking :) The walking was helping me shed a fwe pounds this summer, but this will be much more comfortable.

    I'm looking for 2-3 good years out of the car so I'm not asking for much.

    Thanks for the well wishes and the comment.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    CONGRATULATIONS on making a financially responsible, reasonable and long-term-thinking car decision! That is fabulous. Paying cash for cars is critical to building wealth and getting out of debt. So is buying used cars that have already taken a beating on depreciation. It's also great that you delayed pleasure (delayed buying a car) until you could do so with cash and with good planning/research. This is a sign of maturity. And it demonstrates your mature ability to distinguish between absolute needs and things that are wants (though important wants!).

    On a side not - not that you asked for my input - as a dad of a daughter, you'll make the world better for her and for other women by considering purging the terms "pimp" and "pimping" from your vocabulary. Pimps are people who sell women and profit from them like they are property (and usually abuse them). Sort of like how white people used to sell the labor of black people. They are not something that should be glorified in our society's vernacular.  

  4. Dimples said...

    LMAO @ "Medium Pimpin"

    @ the comment above. I didn't see nothing wrong with Rad having said "pimpin". It's slang and was used in a totally different way then the definition given.

    Good choice with paying cash for your car. I wish I had done that. Now I am stuck with a $531 monthly car note. I learned my lesson. Keep truckin buddy.  

  5. Moneymonk said...

    Good deal Rad, You medium pimp, you!  

  6. Rad said...

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    anonymous: I understand what your saying and I assure you that I do not use that language around my little munchkin. Dimples is right, I was speaking amongst friends and was using the word with a different connotation. I think we should teach our children to speak respectfully and inteligently and not allow derogatory terms or slang to be used as part of everyday language.

    However, we grown folks on here and I was expressing myself in a happy, joyous way to grown people. I encourage everyone to express their opinions on my site.

    Anonymous I hope you come back and offer more thoughts. I appreciate the comment and he/she is right about us using certain language around our children. But let the guard down when the kiddies aren't around :)

    All comments and opinions are very much appreciated.  


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