Dimples at Dimples Divine Domain tagged me for this meme that's going around. It's my first time doing one of these, I feel like an official blogger now :)

The list:

1. I'm 5'11'' 1/2 but I tell everyone I'm 6 feet.

2. I think Rachel Ray is a marketing and culinary genius. The woman has become a millionaire and Oprah's (yes people, The Oprah; who incidentally is also trying to take over the known universe...I think so anyway) TV project, mostly by using her ability to mix a bunch of stuff together into a decent meal in 30 minutes flat.

3. My favorite type of food is a tie between Chinese and Italian. Can't get enough Sweet & Sour Chicken/Pork, or Chicken Parmisagne.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

4. I'm a huge sports fan, especially football, but I love the drama of The Real World.

5. Raising my daughter makes me more nervous than money ever has.

6. The TV show My Super Sweet 16 makes want to move to another country, what's the matter with these people. I think even if I had the money I wouldn't spend no damn $300,000 on a birthday party.....I don't think so anyway. Everyone make some donations and let's test this theory out :)

7. I sweat way too much.

8. When I was a kid, Montana was my dream place to live. Open land, lots of farms, cold winters with lots of snow (I love snow), whats not to love.....shows how screwed up I was as a kid.

9. If we ever have the money,I would love to give this to my wife as a gift. Thanks for the idea Jonathan. (I know it was supposed to be 8, but I added one because you know men can't follow directions.)

I'm tagging:

Sistah Ant
Millionaire Mommy
and Colonel Cash

Hope you enjoyed, have fun guys.

I love you baby


  1. All Blog Spots said...

    nice blog  

  2. All Blog Spots said...

    nice blog  

  3. Colonel Cash said...

    Thanks for the post, and thanks for the mention!  

  4. Rad said...

    No problem colonel, keep up the good work  

  5. debt said...

    Hightwise, I do the same thing. I'm 5' 7 1/2 and tell everyone that I'm 5/8"  


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