Beautiful Weekend

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday the 13th :)

It should be a beautiful weekend here in New York, hopefully it doesn't rain. We're planning on taking the baby out to the Bronx Zoo or maybe drive to Brooklyn and spend some time in Coney Island to enjoy the nice weather and see some new things. If we decide to head out to Coney Island its too bad the Hot Dog Eating champion has already been crowned. The dude ate 66, yes 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes....Awesome!!! Joey Chestnut for president :) I think I'm gonna start training and try out next year, just for kicks.

I'd like to take this time to thank all those who ahve been visiting the blog lately and those who have been since coming since day 1, well day 3 or 4 really 'cause nobody knew who the hell I was when I first start this. I've been trying to keep things interesting and attract some new readers. I have been getting more comments on my posts lately which is really great, makes me feel important :) Please feel free to share any and all comments you have about my posts or the blog in general, I do read them all and try my best to respond intelligently. You can check my profile if you want to send me an email, I will definitely read and respond.

The car has been running great and I'll be doing some maintenance work this weekend, I'll let you know how many fingers I lose in the process.

Anyways, thanks to everybody thats been readin', enjoy your weekend.

I love you baby.


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