The 110th Carnival of Personal Finance is up. I didn't submit anything this week, but it was a great Carnival. Fat Pitch Financials was the host and did a wonderful job.

Growing Up... did a post on how living a debt filled life can really impact your future, this was a great read.

Baby on a Budget looks into cloth diapers... I try to be as frugal as possible but this would have been pretty difficult for us.

Blunt Money explain how to get rid of financial junk, you know you have it...we all do.

Simple Pound shows how to start a beginners budget, its simpler than you ever thought.

The Carnival of Family Life is also running this week over at the so called me.

More 4 kid's post on maximizing family time was of course music to my ears :)

My Two Boys post, "Yes, I have 'That' child", got me thinking about the piglet's future playmates. What if she's "that" kid?

Enjoy the reading folks.



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