So I have decided to go into "Debt Reduction" mode with a twist. I'm treating our vacation fund as a bill, a $2,000 bill to be exact. Debt reduction mode is basically just pouring all extra money towards paying off this debt.

I used to do real estate photography before, I called the guy I used to work for to see if he needs any help. If he does, that s an easy $150-$175/month for 1 days worth of work. I can take the wife and the baby in the car with me while I take the picture of these houses, sort of like a weekly sightseeing trip :) If that does not come through, I'll use CashDuck some more to get some money that way and after that I can cut down on my expenses without hurting the family.

The main reason for this is to try to really enjoy my vacation. I can't help but try to save money in every way I can, but for my vacation I want to shut down that part of my brain. If I already have the money saved and set aside for spending on this trip, then I won't have that guilt when I get back "sweet moses, we spent this much money in 8 days, we could have boosted our emergency fund or put that towards our IRA." I want to relax, drink some margaritas, enjoy some good food, then go back to my old ways when we get back. If we have money left in the vacation fund, I'll deal with it then, instead of cutting corners to make sure there is money left over.

This should make the trip much more enjoyable and really give my mind the vacation it needs.

We already have the vacation fund set up, I just want to use this to make sure we're not strapped for cash by the end of the trip.

Any other tips on generating streams of income?

Thanks for reading

I Love you Baby


  1. Moneymonk said...

    you can always rob a liquor store or donate plasma. LOL

    You can pick up a part-time job for two months and get it over with.  

  2. Rad said...

    I need my plasma woman lol
    My old photography boss got back to me, and he offered me more money so that will be the new gig. It's only once a week, on sundays for a few hours so it'll be good. and I can bring the piglet and wife with me. Mixed with a little Cashduck revenue and if I can actually get more than 5 readers/day, this blog will be my new income streams :)

    I don't want an actual part time gig cause I don't wanna give up any family time, I'm greedy when it comes to my munchkins (the wife hates being called a munchkin). I'm focusing most of my energy on the day job trying to get another promotion.

    Robbin liquor stores doesn't pay like it used to lol  

  3. Dimples said...

    LMAO @ robbing liquor stores

    Glad to hear you found something. I am working on finding some ways to bring money in. I have been doing cash duck, which you the king at cuz I aint never hit $200 in one month. :-P

    I suggest doing some summer cleaning throughout your house. Thats what I did this weekend. Man you will be surprised the stuff you find you don't need. I have listed 4 items on Ebay and Craig's list already. I'll let you know how it goes.  

  4. Tired of being broke said...

    Sounds like you have a good plan, plus once per week is pretty good.

    LMAO @ robbing liquor stores do not pay as much as before.  

  5. Sistah Ant said...

    sorry no income stream advice beyond what's already been said. i have a question, though - any tips on how to get into real estate photography? :-)  


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