Good Stuff

Lots of good stuff out there there on the web these days.

Get Rich Slowly has a very nice and thought provoking read on Renting vs. Buying , which makes some of the same points I made in my post about the same topic. This post was not from JD, but a guest post by Tim Ellis of Seattle Bubble, a real estate blog.

Dimples posts about dealing with her shopaholic ways. Is this shopaholic disorder just embedded into the estrogen that is circulating through women? I'm just throwin' it out there, don't kill me :)

Single Ma's write up on the obstacles she set up to see if her baby girl has learned anything from the lessons she has tried to teach was great. Baby girl spent$10 on some pantyhose on a frugal shopping test. Sounds crazy, but her reason: "you always say you get what you pay for and i always hear you complaining because your pantyhose don't last. i figured Nordstrom's had the good stuff.", was a classic. Money and children can be a tough topic to handle.

Sistah Ant explains why insurance is an important piece of the financial security puzzle.

MoneyMonk has a great post on living for today while saving for tomorrow.

And finally, Millionaire Mommy Next Door gives some tips on how to save money when your travelling. We're going on vacation to Florida in October so I thought this was great.

I also wanted to add Ms Whatsit's article telling mothers to take care of themselves and not just everyone else.

Enjoy the reading and let me know if you found any other interesting articles, I'm always up for a good article.


  1. Moneymonk said...

    Thanks for the mention:)  

  2. ms. whatsit said...

    I'm glad you like my article. Thanks for spreading the word.  

  3. Single Ma said...

    Thanks for the linky love! :-D  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Ditto, Daddy! Thanks for the link. Have a super time in Florida. (We're still deciding on our destination.)  

  5. Dimples said...



    I know a few shopaholics that are dudes. LMAO

    Thanks for the link love.  


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