ATM Fees

I have had this discussion with several people, have been called cheap and petty right to my face and have also been left behind a time or two. I don't like paying ATM fees unless it is absolutely necessary. I think they are a waste of money and they can absolutely be avoided.

My mother could care less, "it's only $2, your gonna spend that somewhere else," is what I normally get from her. I don't know about you but $2 is $2. If you use an ATM machine that is from a different bank 3 times in a month, pay $2 each time and are not reimbursed by your bank, that $6 you just wasted. That $6 could have purchased some milk, shaving cream, shampoo, or other small things that you need to spend money on. If you do it every month, that's $72/year wasted. It seems small, but if you wait for a good sale to buy certain items (food, clothes, cars), then why would you waste $1.50 - $2 to access your money?

I wold rather walk 4 blocks to get to my ATM than pay this fee, I would hike it in 100 degree weather if I had to, I like to work out :)

So my message to you is, avoid ATM fees at all costs if it is within your power. Don't say your bank is too far and you don;t feel like walking. That $2 you just flushed is like paying an extra $2 for whatever you took money out for. And if you find yourself using that same ATM often, maybe you should open an account with them and save yourself some hassle and travel.

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  1. Kahnee said...

    Yep ATM fees suck! Preach it!  

  2. Sistah Ant said...

    i am a big fan of getting cash back at the grocery store or drug store. it's absolutely free. i hardly ever use atm's, and if i do, i use my bank's! every little bit helps, even if it's $2.  

  3. Single Ma said...

    I hate ATM fees too. I closed several accounts because Bank of America wouldn't refund $4. They're just another way to tax the poor. Hate 'em! Hmph!  

  4. Tired of being broke said...

    ATM fees is one of my pet peeves. You mean I must pay $2 to get MY OWN MONEY. Heck no.

    I avoid ATM fees at all cost.  

  5. Dimples said...

    Let the church say Amen!!  

  6. Anonymous said...

    I'm totally with you. If you take out $20, and they give you a $2 fee, that's 10%. Sometimes the fees go both ways, too--from your bank for using a different bank's atm, and from the other bank. When you look at it as a percentage, it is a lot of money. Anyway, you shouldn't have to pay at all. You are saving them money by using a machine instead of spending an employee's time.  

  7. Rad said...

    Anonymous: very good point, I never thoguht to mention it as a percentage, but just thinking about paying 10% just to get $20 for some take out should stop you right there, very nice.

    @Sistah Ant: I try to use those places as much as possible, plus some of them only have a $10 minimum, keeps the change out of my poket if I only need $10, always a plus :)

    @Single Ma: I read about how you handed that poor bank their own a** on a platter, you too much woman, can't wait for the book.

    @Dimples: AMEN WOMAN!!!! :)

    @Tired: I feel the same way, why are you charging me to get my own money, what is this the Mafia

    @Kahnee: thanks for the comment girl, welcome to the congragation :)  

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