Parenting Breaks

As you all know, I am the biggest proponent of family time, spending time with your children and being fully involved with every aspect of family life.

With that said, every parent needs a "no ids" break every now and then. For the men, this means finding a sitter for the nite or even for a couple of hours, taking your wife out for a drive/walk and maybe stopping somewhere for a quick bite to eat and a cocktail (just 1, you have to pick up your child at some point). It does not have to be extravagant, no $400 dinner, but give mommy some time away from momhood, let her feel like a woman for a little bit. Talk about things other than the kids if you can, stare into each other eyes and rekindle that "magic" while your holding hands. End the nite with a nice romantic massage.

For the ladies, this means almost the same thing. If you think daddy is feeling overly stressed, find a sitter and look in your closet for that dress he loves to see you in. Rent some movies and either make his favorite dinner, order in or just get a bottle of wine and some finger foods, you don't have to get too crazy with anything. If you know there's a big game he wants to watch, sit and watch it with him and talk to each other. Massage his tired shoulders, and reminisce about stuff you've been through. After the game/movie, go for a walk together and just be together.

You don't have to feel guilty, it's ok. Every mommy and daddy needs a break sometime, the parent position does not come with vacation or sick days, so you have to make these for yourself.

Go out, have a good time, you'll probably enjoy your baby that much more when you get back. Just don't make it a habit, she is your child after all and you should take the responsibility of raising her and enjoying your baby and family for all they are.

Thanks for reading

I Love you baby


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