It's OK to Fail

As long as you don't quit. Keep trying and keep pushing to reach your goals, most times the only thing stopping you is YOU.

I know that sounded very "motivational speaker"ish, but it's true. I thought about this after I wrote my last post. We had to dig into our reserves a bit and we had to use a few credit cards, but instead of sitting back and sliding down the debt hill again (I've been on that ride and it can be fun, but afterwards you get really nauseous), I am doing a thorough review of my finances, seeing what I can cut out, using a quasi-budget(I don't really like budget because of their restrictive feeling), and attacking my savings with everything I have. I liked where my emergency fund was, it just looked pretty when I logged into my ING account to see such a big number ($1,600 is a big number for someone who has saved nothing for their entire life), so I m determined to get up there again and surpass this number.

I know the old me would just use this little slip up as an excuse and just say "see, theres no point in saving, might as well use whatever i have left on my credit card and try to pay it off later." Not the case anymore, and you should try to be the same way. With finances, weight loss, at work, whatever it is, don't let anything stop you from getting where you want to be. Everybody slips, everybody fails, even Bill Gates was a drop out, Micheal Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team, get up and try again, no matter how hard it is. This is your life, there is no reset or rewind button, if you make a mistake, realize it and move forward, stop wishing you could go back in time because you can't. What you can do is make the present and future a whole lot better. There I go again, I feel like Tony Robbins, minus the giant Gorilla hands :)

So I'm back on rack and pushing this train again, the push is almost all uphill but I have to keep going. My family is what motivates me, find something that motivates you and just keep that in your mind when you feel you have nothing else to give.

Alright, now that I've annoyed most of you with my cliches :)

Thanks for reading

I Love you baby


  1. Dimples said...

    Tag! Your it. I just updated that meme post. Kee kee.

    TRY a real budget before totally straying away from it. You never know, it might not be as restricted as you think. What is your E-fund goal now? It should equal three months of living expenses. What would that be for you and da fam??  

  2. Dimples said...

    And you didn't FAIL. You FELL. Failing means not succeeding. You succeeded cuz you had an E-fund to begin with. You just had a lil trip up and now you gotta pick yourself up, dust ya shoulders off, and keep it moving.

    I just re-read what I wrote in the first paragraph and I don't even think you fell. The whole point of your emergency fund is to use it for emergencies. Obviously you did just that and it served it's purpose. So sir, I do believe you SUCCEEDED.


    (ok no more comments....i promise)  

  3. Sistah Ant said...

    i'm all about keeping your eye trained on what you want and not giving up if it doesn't happen the way you think it will. your goal is not shot to oblivion and it's important that you just keep working towards it. you have just the right attitude!  

  4. Moneymonk said...

    Personal finance is "personal" everyone has a different success. I say do not compare yourself to anyone just DO YOU !  

  5. MICKY said...

    Three years ago I was wandering around [mental hospital] completely shattered physically, emotionally and spiritually. The mental torment I was experiencing was absolutely terrifying. Every waking second, I was having horrifying images from my past. I thought I was being punished for my past sins. My whole life flashed before my eyes and I felt I had failed miserably in my journey through life. The whole experience was an awakening [THE LONG DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL] a metamorphosis. God was slowly penetrating the shield I had put up all those desperate years. I had no “I” - that is what God wanted for me, to become Christ cantered, not “I” cantered [in retrospect]. There is nothing in this world, but the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He eventually delivered me from my HELL; when I got down on my knees and asked Him for mercy and forgiveness for my sins. Praise the LORD!!

  6. QuickQuid said...

    I believe in optimistic approach so I think you are not fail as a little fall down it is and also a lesson to get up and get succeed.Thanks for such post.  

  7. same day payday loans said...

    Your post is very motivational . It has inspired me completely to go ahead for my goal and for not stooping till I get my goal. Keep sharing such inspirational posts.  

  8. aussie expat finance said...

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