205 Pounds!!!!

I know I've been gone for a few days, crazy family stuff going on. I wanted to share my success story with you guys. I was working out yesterday and I benched 205 Lbs 3 times. WWWOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO :)

It's not a huge number, but I haven't benched 200+ since high school, which was many moons ago :) I want to keep lifting and working out, eating right (even if it is a little more expensive) to see how hard I can push myself. I have put on some muscle though, I'm trying to get the wife to call me Big Daddy but that's not flying in our house lol

On a financial note, we have had to dip into our emergency fund for some financial emergencies, and we are now about $200 in credit card debt, not much but it's there. Time to get back on my game and get things back on track before they spin out of control, Lord know it can happen quickly.

It just feels like theres always something doesn't it? When I was chubby and living on fried cheese, Chinese food, chicken, and bacon... I had my financial world in perfect order; now that I am in better health and working out, my finances are starting to sputter. If I can just get these two halves of my life to mesh in perfect harmony....I can plan to take over the world (Using Brains voice from Pinky and the Brain) :) Luckily, I have my family to hold me together, the wife and I got some alone time together, the piglet has grown 1 inch in the past month and she is getting smarter by the second. The little sneak has even figured out that all she has to do is give daddy a hug and kiss and she can have pretty much whatever she wants :) I'm such a softie when it comes to my angel :)

Thanks for reading guys

I Love you Baby


  1. Sistah Ant said...

    congratulations, Rad! i don't have to tell you it will all come together, because somewhere in there, you already know it!  

  2. Kahnee said...

    Life is a big fat balancing act, finances, health, family, etc. It's hard but it feels so good for that second when everything is meshing together.  

  3. Same day loans said...

    It’s really very good to hear that you have benched 205 Lbs 3 times. I would like to congratulate you, Rad for winning this 3 times. I wish you are having a good life.  


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